Mission & Vision

What a Doctor Looks Like Foundation is a nonprofit organization based upon the realization that all goals are attainable when you have access to essential resources and to an environment that allows you to thrive.

The foundation provides our community with access to postsecondary education who otherwise may not have the financial means to fulfill their educational goals and career dreams.

The foundation recognizes the health disparities that exist in our underrepresented communities. We truly understand and aim to foster growth for a diverse generation of doctors who will impact and shape our communities. We are a part of that movement.

Through the foundation, we will:
• Provide financial support at the high school, college, graduate level.
• Lead initiatives geared toward mentorship and community service.
• Create pipeline programs that provide our youth with exposure to the medical field and numerous career possibilities.

For those who share our vision, the What A Doctor Looks Like Foundation offers opportunities to participate in fueling our youth’s dreams through financial support and volunteering.